Solar Panel Financing

Solar Panel Financing

Adding solar panels to your home is a great, environmentally friendly way to save money, but what about the cost of those panels and the cost of installation? Stone Lake has mortgage loans with low fixed rates over 15 years or 30 years. With lower fixed rates, we can ensure the lowest payment for your new solar panel investment. Additionally, Stone Lake Mortgage can include these costs in your monthly mortgage payment, even offering lower rates than what traditional solar panel finance companies are able to offer, as well as loans to clients with much lower credit scores.

If you currently own a home, Stone Lake Mortgage can assist you in refinancing your home and include the cost of the solar panels and installation in your new mortgage payment. Even better? There is a good chance we can lower your current payment while financing the solar panels, too!

Don't yet own a home but looking to buy? Stone Lake Mortgage can offer you a mortgage for your new home that includes the solar panels plus the installation cost.

We can offer these programs with credit scores as low as 550 with underwriting approval.

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